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I was thirteen years old when I was waiting for my sister to finish up at the dentist. Bored, I picked up a People magazine. The front page copy “ATTACK OF THE 6 FOOT TALL WOMAN” drew me in. By middle school, I had grown to a statuesque 5′-8″ tall. This would be about ninety percent of my eventual height, and increasingly self conscious of my height. Having taking after my father’s height and passing my mom, shopping and dressing frequently devolved into frustration and sometimes tears.

I dived into the article and discovered a wealth of tall woman dressing – and confidence – inspiration. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (RIP), at an even six feet tall, inspired me. She was cited as a rare example of an adolescent who thrived despite towering over her peers.

More than what was written about the woman who snagged New York’s most eligible bachelor of arguably ever, the following look of hers is burned into my memory:

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in New York
Credit: Getty Images

the outfit

This outfit is everything and it exemplifies the 1990s minimalism that is synonymous with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. The black shell would still work in any closet today and was accessible for even a middle schooler back yet. Wearing a pair of cropped denim did not cross my thirteen year old mind, as the cropped pant trend would not hit my Mississippi school until several years later. These days cropped demi bootcut denim are a closet staple. The shoes remind me of these Jimmy Choo strappy sandals and while I will not be buying them in every shade, I certainly want to. Also, who does not want to accessorize with a pupper?

I copy Carolyn’s look and wear my demi-boot cut denim as frequently as possible and in as many washes that are available in tall. The below pairs of cropped denim are available in tall:

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