Tuckernuck Big Sale

Around this time last year, I was in my Lyft on my way home from the office and per my usual commute, whizzed past the Shops at Wisconsin Place. That night though, the longest line of women winding out of a previously dark storefront initially perplexed me. Tuckernuck signage illuminated the once sad storefront. A quick Google search informed me that a temporary sample sale added a Tuckernuck presence to north Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase, in addition to it’s evergreen Georgetown brick-and-mortar address. Being in the beginning of my third trimester with the Pamper Pirate, I was in no mood for shopping even the best of sales at even a favorite retailer.

This year due to the pandemic, the previously brick-and-mortar hosted sample sale is no longer location-restricted. These are the details:

I will have my eye out for Ro’s Garden, Barbour, Juliet Dunn, and Roller Rabbit, as well as caftans and block prints. (Who else cannot wait for spring and summer?) Since the pandemic, I copiously shopped at Tuckernuck. I could go hard and pick out an obscene selection of stuff in hopes that you click but I am going a different direction than {most} bloggers.

These are my legitimate picks, because you know, I actually wear them. The items and after the jump, the proof:

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