Fair Isle

This winter I struggled to find fair isle sweaters in tall sizing. Do not get me wrong, I found fair isle in tall but it was a literal fraction of what was available on the market for the standard size range. It is honestly so rude that brands and retailers do not cater to tall ladies in the way that they cater to petites and to a larger extent, regular sizes.

And why should brands and retailers carry tall size ranges? It comes down to money. It is a fact that taller people make more money. More money equals more disposable income.

the flats

Remember the heyday of the Tory Burch Reva flat? Simpler times. The ballet flat named for Tory’s mother was discontinued sometime in the mid-2010s and replaced by the Minnie. The flats I wore in this post are Minnies, similar to these navy blue ones.

I do not know if it is because I wore these shoes while pregnant with super swollen feet and the leather consequently stretched out after walking several miles through the city on an unseasonably warm day last January, but these are one of the only pairs of non-sandal, non-sneaker shoes that I had pre-pregnancy that still fit my feet post-pregnancy. All that is to say, I am wearing my typical size. What is my typical size? MYOB.

the dress

My enthusiasm for this dress is unmatched, save for maybe my new Cartier watch and my son. Funny how the best things in life are free. (JK having a baby is actually super expensive and I have no idea how all the girls who got pregnant at my high school managed it.)

I digress.

This dress is very economical. It is just over fifty dollars, usually cheaper due to frequently being on promotion. It is available in tall; for the tall size range, you must order it online. Throw in another item or two, and your cart will ship for free with a fifty dollar minimum.

The frock sells out, Old Navy restocks it, repeat. And for good reason! It is so cozy; it even made the cut for my checked suitcase to Kazakstan!

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