Gun Check Rowing Blazer

No doubt the show stoppers of this outfit are the Rowing Blazers Scottish Gun Check blazer and the matching mask. Though offered in standard range sizes, the cut of the women’s blazers are surprisingly tall lady friendly. While I am in love with the Rowing Blazers single breasted blazer from last year (the updated version is here), we are here to talk about the shoes and accessories.

the headband

I was initially drawn to the Jennifer Behr velvet Loralei headband after Blair Waldorf sported the brand during the maiden season of Gossip Girl.

Jennifer Behr Loralei headband
Credit: The CW

Has it been thirteen years since the character wore the accessory? Fact. Does it matter to me? Nope. Is the headband iconic? Absolutely. Just the accessory I need for executing social sabotage. Or showing up at our local Subaru dealership when we find out that the “expedited title” which was included in the negotiation of the new Forester was sent to the DMV three weeks after we purchased the vehicle in cash. Just what I needed to deal with prior to shipping it to our new country.

I digress.

the heels

Can we talk about the shoes? This pair and I go back to 2016 but since they are suede, I never wear them when it rains. They are so good and so classic that the brand rereleased them with an updated croc stamped heel but also in an outlet version.

I love the version I have for the burgundy lucite heel. (Who would have ever thought that I would don a pair of shoes with lucite?) Since I procured them nearly five years ago, I have worn them several times a month during autumn and into winter and even did so throughout the majority of my pregnancy. These shoes are downright workhorses.

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