Sarah Flint Natalie Fit Guide

The shoes so nice, I bought them twice thrice (consults notes) seven times.

the Sarah Flint natalie fit

Anecdote time:

This was the first pair of Sarah Flint shoes I acquired. I ordered what was my typical size, a ten. We were in post-coast quarantine at the time, however as soon as we were able, we took a walk to Georgetown for lunch and to make a drop the post office.

Initially I thought the flats would give and eventually mold to my feet. I ended up hobbling around the cobblestone streets of Georgetown and eventually walking home barefoot because the fit was so off. The size tens wore blisters on my feet. Because I scratched up the sole on their maiden journey, of course I could not return them. C’est tragique.

Since the size ten incident of 2020, which I chalked up to a post-baby permanent foot swelling, I reaccessed my shoe size. I now wear the Sarah Flint Natalie flat in at least a size ten and a half for leather and suede styles and a solid size eleven for velvet and other fabric styles.

Morale of the story: Try on the shoes over a carpeted surface at the end of the day when your feet are at their biggest throughout the day, before committing to a pair.

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