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I love the J.Crew Villa Coat as it reminds me of one from a very iconic chick flick.

Credit: Everett Collection

the J.Crew Villa coat

This is the next J.Crew coat that will be monopolizing American women’s style for the next decade. Retire your Cocoon coat. Forget your lady coat. Daphne, who? (JK, I love my Daphne coat and do not see getting rid of it anytime soon.)

Though I have heard bloggers describe the Villa coat as an updated Cocoon coat, I would say they are spiritual cousins at most. They appear to be the same length and have a tall collar but that is where the similarities end. I love the asymmetrical cut and the button over zipper combo closure of the Villa coat, both features that differ it from the older style.

I am wearing the coat in a size ten tall.

the J.Crew long lady jacket in wool-boucle tweed

This jacket, nor the matching skirt below, are available in tall. However once I discovered that it has a majority wool (not some synthetic wannabe fiber) fabric content, I took a chance on it. The braided detail and the brass buttons are A+

The J.Crew Lady Jacket runs long through the torso though the sleeves are “bracelet length” or cropped, more so than I prefer. I am wearing this jacket in a size twelve, but I suspect I would be more comfortable in a size fourteen.

the J.Crew mini skirt in wool-boucle tweed

The J.Crew mini skirt has pockets that mimic the matching jacket. It also has the same braided trim and brass buttons.

At sixteen inches long, this skirt is mini. Unfortunately, it is not available in tall. I am wearing a size fourteen because if something is short on me, it cannot also be fitted.

tweed jacket: J.Crew • tweed skirt: J.Crew • coat: J.Crew • sweater: Lands’ End • flats: Sarah Flint (discount code: SARAHFLINT-CCLUCINDA1) • earrings: J.Crew • sunglasses: Krewe • gloves: Portolano • tights: J.Crew • purse: Chanel (secondhand option here and here) • watch: Cartier (also here

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