Chartreuse + Herringbone

Power clash when you cannot find the exact color match.

the Gap cashmere crewneck sweater

I order nearly every cashmere sweater I uncover available in tall size range. The order is submitted immediately if the sweater is a color in lieu of a neutral, no holding out for a sale.

Even though this crewneck sweater came in tall, it is still more cropped than I would like. The length in torso is the same as a standard size sweater would be. However short it was, the length (or lack thereof) was not enough to keep me from returning the sweater; it just was not ideal.

the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece mini skirt

Pouring one out for the now defunct Red Fleece line from Brooks Brothers. From 2013 to 2019, this line dominated the closets of young preppies everywhere. After the pandemic and seemingly due to the parent company filing for bankruptcy, Red Fleece just did not continue production. It is worth noting that this Red Fleece style skirt, amongst others, is available via the secondary market.

This skirt has fantastic detailing. Red Fleece took a herringbone mini skirt and upgraded it with a crochet lace hem. It sets the skirt apart from a million other iterations of a herringbone tweed mini.

This skirt is not exactly a black herringbone tweed, rather almost a slate-gray-blue. Consequently, wearing it with black shoes or a black handbag is not the move. Rather, wear it with a pair of contrasting hued shoes as well as top and coat.

Power clashing, ever heard of it?

the J.Crew Daphne top coat

The J.Crew Daphne topcoat has been a closet MVP since I ordered mine in 2020. Every year brings a new rollout of hues. Though the shades are boss, the best part of this coat is the tall fit. The armholes, the length of the body of the coat and the sleeves, both the front facing and back facing buttons – everything about the fit is a dream. I love wearing it over workout wear on the way to the gym or over a more considered outfit, such as the chartreuse and herringbone combination.

Not enough can be said about the fabric. It is boiled wool, not some wool poly blend junk. Always, always, always check out the fabric content when making any purchase. Retailers get tricky when it comes to “silk”, “wool”, and “cashmere.”

sweater: Gap • coat: J.Crew • skirt: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece • sunglasses: Karen Walker • flats: Sarah Flint (discount code: SARAHFLINT-CCLUCINDA1) • earrings: J.Crew • pearl cuff: David Yurman • prasiolite cuff: David Yurman • x cuff: David Yurman • watch: Cartier (also here)

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