Hitting a Trifecta II

last week…

As committed last month, I hit another trifecta.

I wore the tennis sweater three times, three ways, over the course of the last quarter on the blog. Three pairs of shoes, three skirts, three sets of jewelry, and…the same pair of sunglasses.

Give me a break. Wayfarers are classic.

It was an item I wanted to add to my closet for the longest time, but I could never find one at the quality, size, and price point for which I longed. Oh and did I long. Remember when I lamented about one about a year ago and confessed to purchasing a cricket sweater dress in the middle of a movie theatre while at the apex of the film? It is a sickness, but one of which I am healing myself.

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Ever bothersome from a sustainability perspective when Instagram influencers tout an item one time before it seemingly disappears from her wardrobe. (Not to be sexist, but isn’t it always a her?) It is a confirmed suspicion that these items do actually get returned to the retailer more times than not. I cannot decide what is worse: the returning or the LIKEtoKNOW.it Instagrams of the try on sessions in the store fitting rooms.

This subgenre of Instagrammers – and I refer to them as that as a mere fraction actually maintain an active blog aside from a product collage of Nordstrom semiannual sale items that inevitably pops up every six months – are setting up an unrealistic perspective when it comes to consumption. Consumption is linked to sustainability and the environment in a major way:

I have shared this tidbit of information before, but it bears repeating: the clothing industry is the second largest contributor to pollution next to the oil and gas industry.

This is what I promise to you: I will never put anything on my person, on the blog that I do not love enough to keep. Rather than engage in surreptitious practices to allow the illusion of an ever-expanding closet, I am going to unearth some stuff I have not worn in…a while and apply some creativity to make it feel current.

If Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, can exercise sartorial savviness and repeat outfits, so can the rest of us commoners.


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