Throwing Shade

Who else keeps their sunglasses in the cases in which they were purchased?

That was me too, up until a year ago. While it is a respectable method of storage, it is not the optimum method of storage. How many times have you completely forgotten about owning a pair of boss sunglasses, but due to only wearing them in special circumstances (ie a coordinating outfit), completely forget that you own them? I stand by having a method in which you can see all, if not most of the sunglasses in your collection.

Enter the sunglasses storage box.

I purchased this one last year and it was money well spent. As someone with a mere eight pairs in her arsenal, more if my husband throws in his Ray Bans, I love storing the six I tend to wear least in the top tray of the box and the ones that I tend to lean on more frequently in the pull out drawer. This forces me to evaluate whether there is a better match for any given outfit, while never forgetting that I have a standby in the drawer.

While the drawer is not full, I like to use the remaining sections for jewelry that do not fit in my jewelry box. (More about those storage solutions here.) The sections are the perfect size for big bangles and over sized statement pieces.

This method of sunglasses storage also allows you to pare down on the sunglasses cases in which pairs arrive. I stored all of my extra ones in the back of my undergarment drawer and only kept the biggest one, necessary to accommodate my largest and most extra pair of sunglasses, in my purse.

clockwise from top left: ecru box // blush box // small box // eight section flat box // gunmetal box // six section flat box // twelve section ebony box // collapsible box

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