Haywood Park Hotel, II

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While we were staying at the Haywood Park Hotel, the hotel kindly made our dining arrangements. Dinner at Hemingway’s Cuba next door and breakfast at Isa’s Bistro.

Our dinner reservations were originally for two, my husband and I; however Hemingway’s Cuba was so flexible. The restaurant was able to accommodate my sister and my brother-in-law, even though the four top was a very last minute request.

I kicked off my dinner with a Cuban Sour, a twist on the whiskey sour. The Cuban Sour was perfect for washing down my Cuban sandwich and black beans; this is a dish I gravitate to if I ever see it on the menu. Ten-out-of-ten, I would order this meal again. My husband had the Picadillo de Res (a beef dish) with rice and black beans. My sister indulged in the Pan con Pollo Especial (chicken sandwich) and my brother-in-law ordered the Masas de Cerdo Fritas (crispy hickory nut gap pork). The table shared croquetas de jamón (ham croquettes).

While on the road, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love that I do not feel like I have to be completely restrained during it (but honestly, am I ever really restrained?) because I feel like I have the entire day to burn it off, even if I do not plan to engage in any physical activity.

Isa’s Bistro, the restaurant within the Haywood Park Hotel, serves Dynamite Roasting Company coffee. Can confirm that the name is accurate; that coffee is dynamite. Bring on cup after cup. I ordered a granola and fruit Greek yogurt parfait and super crispy bacon to accompany my caffeine fix. My husband kept it minimal with toast and two eggs.

And five mugs of coffee.

Sincerest thanks to Haywood Park Hotel and Atrium for sponsoring our stay.

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