The beauty of classic style is that I know I will never look back on photos of myself and wondering what I was thinking in terms of my ensembles; it is just so timeless. Throughout the years, this is one mode of dressing that just does not fall out of favor. I love looking at vintage photographs of collegiate style; it is how get my inspiration for my very own Kennedy cosplay.

I am not joking.

I really enjoy masculine inspired looks and one of the strongest staples, in my mind, is the blazer. Tipped, tweed, solid, striped: I love all variations.

I bought the above blazer (last on the blog here and here) last fall and I cannot wait to break it out again next autumn. It goes in and out of stock, probably due to its marked down status. Ten-out-of-ten recommend it, even if you have a taller frame like me; it fits.

clockwise from top left: gray + navy tipped (last on the blog here and here) // navy + white tipped // ecru + repp stripe tipped // navy + gray tipped // navy + green tipped (last on the blog here)

blazer (navy version also here)

left to rightblazer (last on the blog here) // navy stripe (also available here)

left to right: natural stripe (also available here) // bright white stripe

I am a long time Smythe fan and though the prices are steep, I wish it did not take me a near decade to invest in one. This one in particular (last on the blog here) made a home in my closet. Windowpane print and elbow patches made it a necessity.

left to right: herringbone tweed elbow patch // black windowpane tweed elbow patch // gray windowpane tweed elbow patch (last on the blog here) // tartan tweed

left to right: windowpane tweed // houndstooth tweed

left to right: white // red // navy

left to right: white (also available here) // navy (last on the blog here)


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