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Who else has been keeping up with the reboot of Project Runway on Bravo? I especially enjoy the addition of Christian Siriano and Karlie Kloss. The latter is easier to relate to than her predecessor; Heidi lost me circa 2009 when she stated that she found a little bit of an open back to be appropriate for an office environment. And it is not.

Bringing it back to 2019: one of the contestants, Lela Orr, is an eco luxury designer. Lela is the co-owner of the label, Ferrah. Per the website, Ferrah is 100% ethically sourced womenswear. Lela is a zero waste designer, which means that she seeks to use fabric and other materials to maximum capacity; nothing is simply thrown out. I love that she shines a light on zero-waste because previously, I only considered zero-waste in terms of the built environment industries. This makes me wonder, how many other industries can we apply zero-waste to? Food, for sure. Sound off in the comment section with other industries that come to mind.

I especially enjoy when the camera follows Lela at Mood as she discovers materials that align with her eco values and always I find myself looking forward to what she is going to send down the runway. Shall we review her looks from weeks one through four?

left to right: week one (bottom three) // week two (in) // week three (in) // week four (in) // week five (in)  // Credit: 2018 Bravo Media, LLC


  1. Big fan of Lela and her zero waste designs. PR should give her more screen time to promote fashion that is Earth friendly imho

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