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After last week’s eBay indulgence (I ended up purchasing five vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses, each one fitting perfectly), I had to take pause before I allowed myself to further indulge in last week’s Brooks Brothers Private Sale. Despite the fact that I attempted to combat the need to shop like a madwoman by simply writing about what I liked as opposed to engaging in a shopping frenzy, I did end up shopping.

I already have two pairs of these leggings (last on the blog here); one of which I wore to pilates today. I love that the style has a 34 inch inseam but capacity to stretch out much longer (like to 38 inches) without making the leggings effectively sheer. This makes them the perfect legging for the tall gal.

As I have been going to pilates (in love with the reformer) and / or yoga daily, it is practical for me to buy another pair of leggings. I only have eight pairs and I stand by that not being excessive.

alo goddess legging


I bought two pairs of shorts in two sizes each. I am not fitting into the shorts I have with me on the west coast the way I prefer, which is slightly oversized. I love my 4 inch inseam chino shorts (on the blog here and here and here); graduating from the 3 inch inseam section is a necessary measure that comes with growing up. I just bought a pair of 5 inch inseam shorts as well, so you could say my soccer mom wardrobe is nearly complete.

clockwise from top left5″ Inseam Shorts // 4″ Inseam Shorts // Heels // Sweater

Not to say that I am into cross dressing, but I am no stranger to my husband’s side of the closet. I love borrowing a button down to wear over a pair of leggings or even over a skirt. These shirts are not intended for me; I bought them for the husband as he had to recently retire two button downs. Gotta treat your husband right, you know?

left to right: Stretch Regent Fitted Dress Shirt, Non-Iron Stripe // Stretch Regent Fitted Dress Shirt, Non-Iron Micro-Check // Regent Fitted Dress Shirt, Non-Iron Grid Check // Original Polo Button-Down Oxford Regent Fitted Dress Shirt, Stripe

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