Moratorium | 98/263


I bought this pair of shoes. They were sub-sixty dollars and I have had my eye on them since… February? I wrote about them back then here.

I wore the same style in a different colorway back in the fall of 2016 for engagement photos, during which my husband and I covered about three miles of the cobblestone hills of Georgetown. Only after the last shot did my feet start to ache. Nevertheless it did not bother me enough to keep me from a friend’s engagement party and subsequent Orca Platter at Old Ebbitt’s Grill.


While we were visiting North Carolina, my sister mentioned wanting a pair of wedges that I currently have in navy, albeit in bright red. I happened to see that they were on sale for $25.99 and available in her size. One text to her husband to confirm the address, and the wedges were on the way to her closet, unbeknownst to her.




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