Lilly for the Tall Girl

Lilly Pulitzer newly released long length shift dresses and shorts. This is a God send for the tall gal who previously may have felt a bit over exposed in the standard sizes shifts.

No longer!

The first shift is available in 34 inch length, 37 inch length, and 40 inch length. The other shift is available in 36 inch length, 39 inch length, and 43 inch length. Both shifts are available in size 00 through 16. Each come in a different print and have the signature white trim, albeit in different patterns. It is everything I love about the signature Lilly shift, albeit in sizing optimized for my frame.

The shorts are available in three, five, seven, and ten inch inseams from size 00 to 16. The shorts are available in two prints; they are the same ones as the shift dresses.

Lilly Pulitzer offers free shipping and free returns. Should you have reservations about your best size, try a few and send back what does not work.

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