Lilly for the Tall Girl II

Remember back in the summer of 2019 when Lilly Pulitzer released long length shift dresses and shorts? What a Godsend it was for the tall gal who previously may have felt a bit over exposed in the standard sized shifts. At the exact moment that I discovered the capsule Choose Your Length collection, my husband and I were traveling cross country. To say that I jubilantly flipped my lid somewhere between Boulder, Colorado and Kansas City, Kansas would be the understatement of 2019.

With three styles available in three lengths each, I was ready to celebrate by purchasing one of each. So why has the legacy brand discontinued the Choose Your Length line? It is my blog post that drives the highest traffic, so I know that the market exists. Que lastima!

But I still have my tall fam covered!

Below are items that have the one inch worth of fabric in the hem, intended to be let out for coverage as well as items with longer hemlines and therefore are tall frame friendly. Lastly, I am including items from the Lilly Pulitzer x Lele Sadoughi collaboration, because accessories are always a good fit.

Lilly Pulitzer offers free shipping and free returns. Should you have reservations about your best size, try a few and send back what does not work.

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