Lighter on the Wallet Lilly

While I was researching longer length shorts, I uncovered marked down and promotional priced Lilly Pulitzer. Color me shocked! The After Party Sale is so frequently regarded as not only the holy grail of Lilly Pulitzer, but the sole way to score shirts, skorts, skirts, shifts, and shorts in sherbert shades. Granted that I have been favoring vintage Lilly Pulitzer as of late, there are certain frocks (ahem, this one) from the purveyor of privileged Palm Beach style that I love, no matter how many times they pop up in my Instagram newsfeed.

Perusing marked down Lilly Pulitzer clothing quickly broadened into a hot pursuit of clearance Lilly Pulitzer home and collaboration items. Strike at the right time and you might be able to score the below with a promotional percentage off the reduced price.

I regret missing out on the home goods during the Target x Lilly Pulitzer collaboration. My attention was pulled to the women’s department, followed by the girls’ department. Luckily my then-boyfriend / now-husband was living in California at the time and raided his local Target for the collaboration teacups that I just had to have. The new Lilly Pulitzer home goods collaboration is a bit more elevated than that of Target, rendering markdowns a score.

The Goop collaboration was released just over a year ago. While I strongly suspect that Lilly Pulitzer is hoarding what is left of their supply for the next After Party Sale (set your timer for August, people), Goop is another story. Once in awhile, these collaboration items in select sizes are available. My theory is that the short dress did so well, that Lilly Pulitzer reissued the dress with lace down the center of the front, rather than the rear. I live for the short sleeves with the puff shoulders. Lucky for you, that dress is marked down too.

In the words of Rihanna (or Nils Sj√∂berg or Taylor Swift), this is what you came for. Clicked for. Whatever. These dresses are forty percent off and sizes go in and out of stock. If you don’t see your size, check back frequently; check back obsessively.

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