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Spending over fifty days in lockdown is a good reason to upgrade your space. I already rebranded my morning and night bathroom time as spa time. In efforts to extend the relaxing vibes I get from a trip to a real spa throughout the day, I stocked up on items that make our home more zen.

When was the last time you went to a spa and it did not employ the sense of smell? That is right, never. So make your home smell nice. Lighting a candle or some incense is easy and relatively inexpensive. I splurged on the bougie ones made of soy wax as opposed to paraffin. While I extinguish the candles before taking my melatonin gummies, lighting incense or sage before bedtime is part of my nighttime routine.

Wearing Bala bangles is a way to make your workout more challenging, but it is also like wearing a weighted blanket on your hands. Relaxing! You may need to use an acupressure mat at the end of the day. This is the one I have and ten out of ten recommend it. I love standing on it. I love laying on it. I love rolling small one into a tube and placing it at the top of my neck at my hairline.

Speaking of a weighted blanket, it is a game changer when it comes to sleep. I tend to get anxious and lie awake in bed thinking about that cringe-worthy thing I did in seventh grade. With a weighted blanket I bypass my night anxiety and unpleasant mental trips down memory lane. I also eat two ten milligrams of melatonin gummies. (I am not a medical professional. Always consult your doctor.) Topping off my sleep cocktail with a white noise machine in lieu of watching television, my quality of sleep has improved. My husband swears by the Phillips Hue system for lighting our apartment in an unobtrusive way. It lets us keep the light to a warm, dim setting which is perfect if one of us hits the bed before the other.

Again, a medical professional I am not, so consult your doctor before use: CBD lotion and oil. I was *shocked* at how the shelves where the CBD products are typically stocked were completely cleared at a recent trip to CVS. CBD beauty, who knew?

Or if you are like me and avoid walking on the wild side, may I suggest a rose quartz roller and fancy pants bubble bath?

Especially in the case that you are cohabitating with someone during this time and need to be able to adjust your own temperature, I suggest doing so with a soft cashmere set. C’est cozy and one hundred times chicer than a sweatsuit. Treat yo’self!

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