Woman Be Shoppin’

Being quarantined has granted me more down time with which I know what to do. Books read. Netflix watched. Kitchen cleaned. Bathroom organized. Closet flipped. Family fed. Kazakh alphabet learned. Recipes cooked. (And failed?)

I have resorted to monitoring online retailers for items on my radar. With the economy in the garbage, there has never been a better time to score a sale than in the last month. As such, I have spent my down time stalking sites for the items that I pinned on my Quarantine Picks board. (I highly recommend making a Pinterest board for shopping obsessions. Keep it as your computer homepage. It makes stalking for sales and markdowns so much easier.)

I am in a constant state of internal debate about whether or not this is an appropriate time to be shopping. Yes, I realize how unbelievably lucky I am that I am able to indulge. Sometimes I feel guilty while clicking “Place Order.” However, I am particularly discerning when it comes to seeing an online order in person, even if it fits my 6 foot two inch frame. I rarely make final sale purchases because about half of what I buy ends up making its way back to the store. I should also mention that while I have added to my closet, I have also been editing it and putting together a donation pile or selling via sites catering to the secondary market.

Because I am not a total monster, I have also been shopping for others. Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and my husband’s birthday gifts have been acquired. I was thrilled to uncover a gold mine of marked down Lacoste polos for his side of the closet.

We used to spend an average of twelve hours a day at our apartment. Of those twelve hours, I was sleeping nine of them. Now I am spending all of my time in our home and yet, not getting nearly that much sleep. It is more important than ever to make it a comfortable space, so I have ordered candles, incense, and other items that make our eight story space in the sky the coziest it has ever been.

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