My Home Spa

I mentally rebranded my hour of bathroom time in the am and pm as {at home spa time}. My routine consists of exfoliating, scrubbing, shaving, cleansing, shampooing, and conditioning in the shower, followed by moisturizing, deodorizing, teeth brushing, Listerine swishing, and doing a daytime or nighttime skincare routine.

In the past few weeks, I have heard a lot of chatter about how people are making the most of their time in isolation by working out or starting a side hustle. As I just had a major medical procedure, I am prohibited from working out for another four weeks and I do not have the mental capacity to side hustle these days. Self care and caring for my family is paramount; however as long as I am in quarantine, I am going to work on getting a whiter smile and better skin as part of my self care routine.

I am using so many of the full size beauty products I have accumulated since moving into our apartment last summer. For example…

Waxing? Count me in. Some people believe it is the antithesis of self care, but I stand by it being less torturous than electrolysis. It is even less painful if you are lucky enough to enlist help from a partner or roommate. [Sidebar: If you apply the wax and chicken out, any type of oil will remove it. May I recommend EVOO? I speak from experience.]

Quarantine has been the ideal time to break out all of my travel sized toiletries {when are we even going to be able to leave our abodes, let alone travel via plane necessitating TSA-approved sized bottles?} and supplement at home spa time with beauty product samples. I have been hoarding these since we moved back to the District last year. This is my moment, people! It feels especially resourceful to burn through those half used tubes of toothpaste and bottles of contact solution and as a bonus, it frees up valuable bathroom real estate.

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