My Inner Trustafarian

Who else recalls the original post from last year in which I extolled tie dye?

How ironic is it that I related hippie style to festival concerts and now that the festivals are cancelled, there is an all time fever pitch for tie dye? You cannot scroll through your Instagram feed without encountering a handful of matching tie dye sets and an equal number of links. (Not hating; I appreciate the hustle.)

In addition to associating tie dye with Jazz Fest and Bonnaroo, it reminds me of Vacation Bible Camp. If you attended Vacation Bible Camp and did not tie dye a tee shirt on Monday to wear to the closing program on Friday, then I do not know what to tell you other than you were cheated out of an iconic experience! Proof: there is a photo of me at the alter at Grace Lutheran circa 1989 in my tie dye tee at the closing program. Ever so strategically, I selected a pink / peach / orange dye color palette to pair with magenta pull-on shorts that my mom and I laid out in advance with the rest of my outfits for the week.

The recollection of this memory was triggered by my nine year old niece. While traveling to Hawaii with my husband’s family over winter break, I noticed that she was sporting a blue and purple spiral tie dye tee shirt. I asked her if she made it at VBC, alas she did not. Regardless, like my blog post from last year, this pre-teen was ahead of the tie dye craze of 2020.

Though I normally avoid wearing (and to a larger degree, posting) trends that everyone and their sister is wearing and writing about, like headbands (which for the record, I have been obsessed with this entire time), tie dye is classic. As such, these items are on my Quarantine Picks radar:


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