2020 Q2 Coveting

Rather than shopping like a total maniac, I have been pinning the ever living life out of items that I would ordinarily purchase. Organizing my Quarantine Picks board has been a delicious alternative to shopping. What am I into right now? Let’s dig in to my obsessions.

I want cashmere, and specifically tall cashmere. It has always been a challenge to find sweaters that fit and even more so, sweaters that fit in fibers that are not an acrylic garbage blend. Wool, silk, cashmere, linen, sign me up. This one has been on my radar since last fall. I lived in both the navy and gray cardigan counterparts into March, so it is a safe bet that the crewneck will get some wear.

I am so into Juliet Dunn dresses these days. I just purchased this one on markdown and I have to say that the style is perfect for my body type and likely flattering on all body types. I will be wearing the frock everywhere once the Covid-19 lockdown lifts. Brunch? Yes. Happy hour? Yes. Mommy and me? Yes. (I am so obsessed with this dress cut that between the time of writing and publishing, I maybe {totally} bought this dress. Looking at this one next!)

Oh, you didn’t think I was going to prance around the District this summer with my version of the crown? Throughout the six seasons of Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf sported headbands from this Brooklyn-based brand of accessories time and time again. In fact, the brand even released a Blair Waldorf gift set: nine headbands for a paltry four thousand dollars. Chump change to look like the Queen Bee of the UES, amirite? To cop the Twitter phrasing, once I don one of these {admittedly, ever overpriced} headbands, it is over for you hoes.

What else am I looking to cop pinning?

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