sīrsakar 2020

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What can I say about seersucker that I have not said before?

After five months of wearing clothing made of more seasonally appropriate fabric like cashmere, wool, and corduroy, I am always beyond excited to break out my summer’s best. Confined to being packed away from Labor Day to Memorial Day no matter how climate change is impacting the always sweltering April and May temperatures, I wear seersucker at least once a week when style rules permit it.

At the opening of this summer, I scampered around the neighborhood in this frock. Last I checked it was sold out; below are the best seersucker pieces of this season. My favorite piece is the five inch inseam blue and white shorts. They are twenty dollars, but I bought them on promotion for a paltry thirteen and it was one of my best purchases this spring.

Look into it, ladies.

tall sized items:

general sized and o/s items:

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