Clutch Ado About Nothing

Within the last month, I learned about Garland Bags while listening to the Say It Southern podcast and the Preppy Podcast. The owner, Lindsay Thomas, is hilarious and through listening to how she developed her upscale line of clutches, I knew she was my long lost soul sister.

I remain impressed with the quality and the structure of the clutch. The print is perfectly centered on the bag and the hardware secured in a way that I did feel the need to treat it with kid gloves, though it is such a special piece that I did anyways. The lining is a perfect white crosshatch fabric and the closure is a magnetic snap.

As far as capacity, I would not weigh it down or stretch it out with a massive sunglass case, but my clutch fits a wallet, phone, hair elastic, father issues….

Just me? I digress.

Most of the one-of-a-kind bags are granted with a cheeky narrative and these are posted along with the clutches on the Garland Bags Instagram. It is one hundred percent worth the follow and I guarantee if you stop to read the caption, it will leave you in stitches and you will find yourself identifying it with a certain person in your life. In these photos, I am carrying the Jane.

Jane is an anesthesiologist who lives a very meticulous lifestyle, is great at what she does, and is the most methodical person you know. She goes to the grocery store ONCE a week and gets all she needs. All her Tupperware is glass and organized. She’s been taking CoQ10 supplements for four years – save your spiel. But…she once had a one night stand with Canadian rapper Snow in Vegas. #Alickyboomboomdown

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