GCD: Wonderprint

I obsessed about this dress since Q2 2020. As the original price was nearly five hundred dollars, it was out of my budget. Six months of price stalking later and it went on markdown with an additional percentage off, effectively rendering it less than fifty percent of the original price. With a trip to the coast on the horizon, I knew it was time to pull the trigger on the dress.

I am so happy I did. The print on this dress is everything; it reminds me of the print on something my mom would have worn in the 1980s. There is a super subtle pink / turquoise stripe in the background of the textile and the direction of the stripe alternates with each tier.

I have two gripes about the dress. One, there is not a zipper which makes getting in and out of the dress a touch challenging. Two, the size large is still tight across my bust. Granted, my body is still minimizing itself post-pregnancy. Only four weeks ago, I could not pull the dress over my bust.

Otherwise, this dress is golden.

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