Tall Tuesday: Cashmere

Every autumn I search the Gap website for cashmere. Last year (2019) I do not recall any cashmere offerings; rather, there was a “featherweight” sweater knit that yielded when searched for the superior knit. The year prior (2018), cashmere only in regular and petite size ranges.

The year prior to that (2017) was the last year that Gap offered cashmere in a tall size range. It wasn’t the best quality sweater, although that might have just been an effect of how often I wore it. No joke, my work uniform (given in a predominantly male office) was this one particular cashmere sweater over a long sleeve tee (I have this one {available in tall!} in several hues) and a pair of chinos (again, I have this particular pair in all of the colors).

Years and years ago (2006), I procured the dreamiest gray cashmere hoodie from Gap. It was a pullover style with cream cashmere trim lining the inside of the hood. Though I wore the elbows out, I still dream about it. I wore that damn thing over anything and everything.

Gap must have heard all of my griping across the Lucindervention social media channels, because lo and behold, it is offering tall cashmere once again. Moreover, the colors are beyond the muted palette in the previous selection. While the camel, gray, navy, and black are still up for grabs, I am living for the acid citrus, moody jade, and upbeat pink. These shades remind me of the first Gap store window that I ever committed to memory: circa 1992 my family was shopping in Freeport, Maine and I spied a Gap Factory Kids location with the brightest, most vivid solid color sweaters in the window. My mom redirected me to the nearby LLBean location, but that window left such an impression that I can still picture it today.

So much so that I purchased all three bright sweaters in both medium tall and large tall with plans to return the sizes that do not work to my local Georgetown Gap location. I am not going to risk missing out on these colors should I have ordered the incorrect size.

Below is the selection of cashmere colors and styles from Gap, as well as the cashmere styles still available from Long Tall Sally. Note that the styles and colors were all available in tall but within a 24 hour window, I have noticed some go in and out of stock. Bookmark accordingly and keep an eye out for the color(s) you covet.


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