2011 / Classic Style

2011 through 2014 are the years when J.Crew truly peaked in terms of offering inclusively sized clothing from the tall perspective. Oh, I rode that wave, and have the long inseam Matchstick Corduroys to prove it. Give me back the opportunity to stock up on 36 inch inseam full length pants; that’s all I am saying.

I regret nothing that I wore for that point on because it was relatively shortly prior to that point, 2008, that I honed my personal taste and adopted the classic style. Because resources (ahem, dollars) were sparse while I was in graduate school, I only invested my money in items that I could see myself wearing time and time again and in many ways.

the blazer

Not only every woman, but every person should have a navy blue blazer in their wardrobe. In addition to tall length pants complete with 36 inch inseams, J.Crew also released the classic Schoolboy Blazer and Hacking Jacket in the tall size range and in a variety of colors and fabrics. Not only did I pick up the Schoolboy Blazer in classic navy, as seen in this post, but also the gray, red, and cobalt blue. Hey, it was 2011 and cobalt was having a moment. Lesson here: going back to classic style, stick to staples.

the jewelry

The jewelry is what makes this outfit so quintessentially 2011. Though the earrings are relatively recent, they are a callback to the (faux) pearl everything emblematic of the time. Multistrand pearl necklace with coordinating bracelet? Check! And despite the abundance of freshwater pearl pieces in my jewelry box, I just cannot bring myself to retire either.

Can we talk about the crystal link bracelet? I wore that thing thrice a week – at minimum – from the moment it arrived in the mail circa fall 2011 to 2016. Time to bring it back.

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