Vintage Brooksy

I wore my go-to standby autumnal outfit out and about running errands yesterday morning. The combination of my vintage Brooks Brothers dress and Gap leather jacket has popped up on the blog before, but they are just so good together. I mimicked the outfit down to the repp stripe belt and the link bracelet. It is truly a testament to my commitment in investing in items that are timeless and I will be able to wear year after year. Give me a heritage item any day.

the vintage Brooks Brothers dress

I suspect this dress is from the early-to-mid-1980s. It is vintage Brooks Brothers and it reminds me of something that the character of Leslie in St. Elmo’s Fire would have worn around Georgetown during her post-grad days. And wouldn’t you know that she was pursuing a career in the built environment. Career choices and style; we have so much in common!

I found the frock at a vintage clothing store in Old City Philadelphia. I remember spotting it, thinking to myself that there was no way I would be so lucky that it would be my size, and thrilled as I scampered to the dressing room to try on and confirm what I already knew: that the dress was coming home with me. It is in such fantastic condition. I can not get over the fact that the jacquard silk is still perfectly pleated.

the shoes

I previously wore this outfit with a heeled ankle boot. I knew I would be covering a mile or two this morning, so I wore my new Natalie flats.

Real talk about the shoes: I thought I had them broken in and I had not. They wore a few blisters on my feet . Now that my feet faced off against them, I look forward to wearing them again, probably next weekend and will provide an update then. If you want them, need them, have to have the Natalie flats (and I cannot blame you), I suggest going up a half size. Use code SARAHFLINT-BALU if you are new to the brand for 50 dollars off a pair.


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