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Since the Pamper Pirate’s daddy (my husband) returned to work, I have worked out via FaceTime with the same trainer I had prior to my wedding. I just have not had the time to go running during daylight hours. The right gear and comfortable active attire make for easier early mornings peeling myself out of bed and answering the FaceTime call.

Also helpful? My trainer, Gabby. I remember the first fitness class of hers that I took. It was about four years ago when I signed up for Namaste + Tone. I grossly overestimated my strength and ability when I passed on the two pound weights for the three and five pound versions. Somehow I made it through the class, only for it to become my favorite.

Now, in addition to offering in-person and distance training, Gabby is also the fitness contributor to Philly Voice. Her first article published this week and in it, she discusses the merits of a half hour workout.

the outfit

The LOVESHACKFANCY Bandier collaboration released in August only to quickly sell out. I purchased my Carnation Kit (the sports bra and leggings) during the autumn restock on Bandier. For some reason the Carnation Kit and Peony Kit were not available on LOVESHACKFANCY and unfortunately it seems that neither kit is no longer available on either retailer.

Fortunately, the collaboration is marked down with an additional 25 percent off via LOVESHACKFANCY. It is final sale but the better price given if you know your size. If you are less than confident about your size or have reservations about whether you will love the purchase, purchasing from Bandier {sign up for the newsletter for 15 percent off your purchase} is the better option.

Feedback on the sports bra: It isn’t actually a sports bra. It is a “Strappy Bra” and best suited for low intensity workouts. Do not attempt cardio it in, lest you want a black eye.

the gear

What can I say about Bala that I have not said before? I love the weights, bands, and sliders and likely whatever the brand releases next. My trainer, Gabby, is big on exercises using the ten pound ring.


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