PCQ Diaries Day 10: PJs

Remember when the idea of spending your workday in your pajamas was absolutely…dreamy? (See what I did there?) Though I know many people have discontinued pandemic-prevention quarantine, my family has not. Working from home is now a way of life. Gone is our dining table for the use of dining. It is now set up with three monitors as home office number two. Home office number one has always been my desk and one monitor Apple set up, but that just did not suffice for my job needs.

I digress. The story to be learned here is be careful what you wish for. Now that scenario of pajamas all day is an playing out, the option of wearing them through workday after workday does not seem nearly as wonderful as I once imagined.

Much like crossing a passed date off a calendar, outfits are a way to mark days. I managed to put several outfits together to wear around the flat regardless of my family’s post coast quarantine status in the past week. However, after several days of wearing non-drawstring and non-elastic waist pants, I retreated into a pajama set for a day.

the pajamas

Do other bloggers iron or steam their pajamas in pursuit of creating a lewk? Not I. These pajamas are rumpled, just pulled out of the bottom drawer. You can count on me to be authentic like that.

This is the second time I wore this set of pajamas on the blog. Color me shocked that this is merely the second time. Not only did I wear them on the blog, but I also went as far as wearing them in public when my husband and I were visiting his family in Marblehead.

I purchased this set in a size large and they fit true to size. They go in the washer in cold and the dryer on delicate.

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