PCQ Diaries Day 9: Flex

Since the Pamper Pirate’s father went back to the office, I have not had the opportunity to take a midday run as I used to. I never seem to get enough sleep with the new infant roommate so waking up earlier than I have to is a nonstarter. On the other end of the day, by the time my husband gets home, I just want to get dinner going and have a cocktail. Add to that a job offer that came out of nowhere from my old company; I cannot turn that down. Now I split my workweek between Pamper Pirate naps and post-dinner.

All this is to say that I just really do not feel like running if it is not in the middle of the day, but even so, I would rather the ABC life. I found a happy medium in a midmorning workout with the trainer I hired prior to my wedding. I think Gabby enjoys {distance} kicking my postpartum ass more than she lets on, but that is okay because that is why I pay her the big bucks. For thirty minutes twice a week, I get my fitness on. Since we are training via FaceTime, I grew my collection of workout equipment, and sometimes we will throw in squat presses with the fourteen pound Pamper Pirate.

Nothing like a fitness buddy to keep you motivated!

the equipment

I am a sucker for Bala and this is not the first time that I raved about them on the blog. I eat up everything they release and I am always metaphorically hungry for more. I even amassed a collection of Bala equipment while the Pamper Pirate and I were staying at my parents’ house. The Shark Tank-approved company makes fitness look chic. Twist my arm. Bangles (in half pound, one pound, and two pound increments), three pound bars, bands, sliders, and a ten pound ring, sign me up for all of them and watch me get toned…ish.

the outfit

I purchased these shorts a whopping six years ago from Athleta. These are the same style, though they are no longer available in tall. I tend to wear my solid black ones from the same era more frequently, but the blue print feels especially timely.

The shirt is from the same retailer and it is available in tall. I love it because other than my time doing side plank jumps, it did not ride up. It can go in the dryer on delicate and I do not worry about it shrinking. I don’t have to worry about my workout clothes being uncomfortable; my mind can focus on working up a sweat.

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