PCQ Diaries Day 8: Cheers

I am still vibing on the fantastic news from Saturday. Who else has a sneaking suspicion that there will be a ton of people celebrating into the work week? I for one, am so excited to put this election behind me, and refocus on my work.

Fun fact: I work in the male-dominated world of construction. Before you picture me with a hardhat on – and trust, I have been on enough site visits to warrant owning a pair of steel toes and a company-issued hardhat with my name emblazoned on it and if another person in HR asks me if I prefer a pink one I might scream – I spend most of my time crunching numbers and playing art of war on our competitors in the estimating department, where I honed my skills in critical thinking. Big ups to the guys who have always interrupted the guys who interrupted me. In male-dominated industries, you need male allies who recognize your competence. I will always remember the meeting in which an office director inquired about a question that I had just finished answering, to which my boss said and I quote, “Lucinda just addressed that issue.”

There is no taking my foot off the gas in my own career, now that the glass ceiling has been broken on the second highest office in this nation.

the shirt

I cannot wait to sport this shirt in the office, after I finish my post-coast quarantine. Jessica and Alison bring us the shirt and you can read more about their story here. Never again will I have to borrow from my husband’s side of the closet. Même Chose features inclusively sized shirts (and now shorts), all of which puts the boys’ versions to shame. Consider this your new work uniform, ladies.

Now let’s get in formation.

the jeans

The jeans in this post will revolutionize your wardrobe. I initially purchased them in white (worn here and here and here) and after slipping them on, became a woman obsessed. I wore my first pair of blue jeans in the style earlier this summer, after which I bought them in two more blue shades and I further obsessed about the jeans in this post, but it bears repeating. The gal who shuns skinny cuts will find these jeans (and pants in general, as they were released in a garment dyed twill) ideal.

There is a reason that prior to discovering this pair, jeans rarely showed up on the blog. I came to the conclusion that I despise skinny cuts around my calves. Not just denim, I am talking all pants. Skinny styles are even suspected to be detrimental to health. I am not a doctor and you should not take medical advice from me, but fans of skinny pants should look up Compartment Syndrome. Every since I heard about this medical condition, I retired the few pairs of skinny denim in my wardrobe.

Tall size range, roomy in the calves, a plethora of washes, these jeans tick all of the boxes.


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