PCQ Diaries Day 7: E Day

What a day. When I saw the results of Pennsylvania yesterday morning on CNN, my initial thought was, “Wait, does that put the nail in the coffin for DT?” and CNN cut to Wolf Blitzer who called the election.

I am so happy CNN had the balls to call it so we could all enjoy our day. And if you didn’t? I think you need to examine your own morals and values. Those issues you need to work out on your own.

The Pamper Pirate and I are on day seven of our quarantine so we resisted the siren call to congregate on H Street with revelers. When the Lady Gaga started blaring outside, we opened our balcony door and the windows and toasted to the results of the election with others in the building on their balconies. The happiness! The relief! America can finally be a place for everyone again.

I cannot wait for Joe and Kamala to reunite the country. It is time to heal and in 44’s words, move forward. I don’t know about you but I am so relieved to feel like there is an adult in charge again.


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