Dress Your Herd

The Striped Sheep landed on my radar when the women-owned small business went viral for being copycatted by a larger business. My husband and I were traveling cross country when the copycat style surfaced. Along with the viral engagement of summer 2019, I closely monitored the aftermath. I could not watch my Instagram stories without seeing an influencer story sharing The Striped Sheep. Bloggers and tastemakers everywhere metaphorically lifted the brand.

This might be TMI, but it was that week that we took the cross-country trip that I became pregnant. It is quite ironic that The Striped Sheep, a brand that makes mommy and me tee shirts, came to my attention within the same timeframe as my pregnancy. Because I would not become aware of my pregnancy until three weeks later, I did not immediately purchase a set. Cut to a year and the Pamper Pirate later, our striped tees were on their way.

the Isabel

I bought us a set of navy and natural striped tee shirts. They are the Isabel style (last seen here on the blog), which features a heavier weight knit with stripes from top of shoulder to bottom of hem. The Striped Sheep Isabel has an oversized fit with a drop shoulder. I find the sleeves, as well as the body, to be long enough on my six foot, two inch frame. That does not frequently happen for standard range sizes, mind you.

I used the cold wash cycle and line dried the shirt. I can speak to the shirt shrinking minimally, if at all.

the Pablo

I look forward to shopping for a Pablo if only for the colors. The neon? The pink? The rainbow? I cannot get enough color in my wardrobe and The Striped Sheep Pablo is delivering. The style features solid shoulders and waist on both the mommy and me versions.

I received intel by the brand owner that the Pablo is a lighter weight knit and fits true to size. Nearly all of the linked Pablos are available in a full size run in both the mommy and me versions.


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