…of the year III

Mignon Faget jewelry has not only been my go-to jewelry brand of 2020, but also my go-to jewelry brand of the past two decades. Though through an elimination of my Facebook, I no longer have documentation going way back when demonstrating this. I do, however, have the image of my wedding cake with Mignon Faget cake pulls.

Mignon Faget jewelry for everybody! Or at least my bridal party and newly minted sisters-in-law.

From wearing a friend’s Mignon Faget jewelry for a night out in 2002 to working with the brand on promoting the 2020 Black Friday Sale, our relationship is storied. It would be sacrelig as a southern-bred woman for me to pick any other brand for my 2020 jewelry pick. Over the years I amassed quite the collection from many of her collections. Ribbons, tulips, fleur de lis, iris, knots and bows, and banana leaves are my staples. I also expanded my collection from the sterling silver to the anodized bronze. Not to mention the glassware I purchased, mostly as gifts. My parents have a massive collection of Mignon Faget glassware mostly thanks to me. The fleur de lis pilsner glasses and pitcher were hits with my Saints football-loving parents. #whodat

A walk down memory lane:

Iris fleur de lis pendant and chain worn on the blog here.


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