…of the year IV

There were a few other standout items and brands in addition to my best of 2020 that I found myself reaching for throughout the year. Upon looking back on my blog since I picked it back up last spring, postpartum, I recognized definite trends in denim, swim, retailer, and heritage brand. These are the best of the rest. Read on to see exactly what I mean.


The J.Crew demi boot cropped jean is the first denim I wore on the blog since summer 2018 and before that, February 2017 and before that, November 2016. The difference between the style I am beyond obsessed with and the three other pairs is that the former allows my calves the freedom that they crave. Consider this my notice for skinny and even straight leg denim. They no longer belong in my closet. Give me a cropped bootcut any day.

Since last spring, I collected five washes: three blue, one white, and one lavender. I have yet to wear the latter, but just wait; I have huge plans for her! She will definitely be joining the rest of the rest of the best.


I discovered that Marysia offers a long torso selection, albeit only on their website. Color me surprised! Once I took the tank suit out for a few afternoons on the pool deck, I was on board with the swim brand known for the scallop hems. I purchased a printed top and high waisted bottom on their Labor Day sale and… I think it is my favorite suit and a best of 2020 and best of the rest.

heritage brand

Ralph Lauren is the brand that people, specifically millennials and younger, are sleeping on. You know what though? If it keeps the brand from becoming too ubiquitous for the preppy set, in the manner that Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew have become, I do not hate the way it is underrepresented on my Instagram feed and IRL. Though Ralph is a household name, and who hasn’t stepped foot in a Polo Outlet, it is still aspirational enough that it still has not completely saturated the neoprepster set yet.

Ralph Lauren is absolutely the best of 2020 and the best of the rest.


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