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Lately I have been especially into the Ralph Lauren style of dressing. I just love the Polo and RRL labels, as well as Collection, though the latter two are just beyond my budget. And yes, I know I say that I never promised you a budget blog, but even the Double R L and Ralph Lauren Collection are just too expensive for me to reason.

Sometimes I even find Polo too expensive. However, give me an additional percentage off and I am more amenable to opening my wallet. I shopped the Labor Day sale when I snatched the sweater (as well as this dress and this dress) and the Black Friday sale when I snagged the dress and belt (as well as this button up).

the dress

This dress is good. It is cotton, yet unfortunately, not machine washable. The top half is a ribbed knit and the bottom half is a woven voile. Though the detailing around the bottom half looks delicate, it is actually quite sturdy. No zipper, no buttons, easy peasy to throw on, which is exactly what I did yesterday. Heads up: the skirted bottom is lined but still ever-so-sheer. I wore the slip that arrived with one of my Ro’s Garden dresses underneath it.

I am wearing a size twelve in the dress and probably shoulda coulda woulda gone down a size. Since I had big plans for belting it, I played it safe and bought the larger size.

the headband

Does anyone else stress shop? I stress shopped hard during quarantine. Side effects included stocking up on Jennifer Behr headbands. Though I never promised you a budget blog, I love a bargain. On that note, I have never purchased a Jennifer Behr headband full price, though they are worth it. Not once have I gotten a headaches from a headband from the brand. No need for aspirin here!

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