Tall Tuesday: Tall-iday

Is anyone else amped that they can skip the office holiday party guilt-free this year? I will say that up until last year, I loved the office holiday party. I also happen to work for a phenomenal company with really fantastic people. One year I even led a particularly festive team in moving the office Christmas tree to a Project Executive’s office. I also lost my heels and infinity scarf that night.

Last Christmas, I was six months pregnant. I had just made it to the end of a particularly brutal workweek. I frontloaded the work that week and therefore cut out of work that Friday at two to pick up this Brooks Brothers sequin number on the way home from the office. Not having to go up a size while I was pregnant made me feel especially festive.

By the time I got a blowout, donned my gay apparel, and dragged my pregnant ass across the city, I had just enough energy to make it through three rounds of ginger ale and dinner, as well as some heavy judgement with some of my teammates at the company about the holiday getups of other company spouses. As soon as I arrived home, I changed into pajamas and slept the hardest I had ever slept.

Are companies doing Zoom holiday parties? IDk, but most of these outfits are more suited towards Zoom get together a with your nearest circle of degenerates. Because even degenerates social distance.

Everything below is available in tall. Party on. At home. 🍸❄️🍸❄️🍸

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