Cape and Corduroy

Brrrr, it was cold yesterday! My husband warned me of the 36 degree Fahrenheit temperature before heading out in the morning. As such, I wore full length pants. This type of outfit does not happen everyday, but then again, long inseam bootcut pants do not come along everyday either.

the cape

I bought this cape from J.Crew in 2011. It felt like a risky wardrobe move at the time and it was at the high end of my then-budget, but it yielded many a compliment when I wore it over a white and black stripe button up, zip back wool pencil skirt, and black tights and heels to the office.

I love the cape (last seen on the blog here) because wearing it is the closest one can get to going outside draped in a blanket. For that reason and the fact that no matter how much weight I gain, this cape will always fit, I will never give it away or sell it. However, I found many a J.Crew Streetscape Cape on the secondary market and linked them below.

the long inseam cords

I scored these Gap Factory corduroy pants back in July for twelve dollars. Though they seem to be sold out right now, I found that the tall sizes go in and out of stock at a sporadic pace. They are worth bookmarking on your phone and checking whenever you open your browser and this is why:

  • They are only twelve dollars. It is a great value.
  • The corduroys are bootcut. This is a sleeper style and one that retailers seldom employ. The supply of not only bootcut cords, but bootcut chinos and bootcut wool pants are low.
  • The corduroys have a 37 inch inseam. I can speak with utmost certainty that 37 inch inseam pants do not come along everyday; the least often then in the past ten years these days.

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