Tall Tuesday: Bodysuits

Though I am not a particular fan of bodysuits, as they remind me too much of the leotards I lived in afterschool three-to-four times a week depending on the season whilst a youth, I know that the Pamper Pirate and my little sister are into the trend. This post is for the latter.

Like one piece swimsuits, bodysuits are tricky for the tall gal. Going up a size, as so many brand customer service representatives suggest, simply does not cut it for those who have an especially long torso. Following that advice brings on flashbacks of the trauma of wearing a ‘tard (“That’s ‘leotard’ without the ‘leo’, in case you were wondering.” – name the movie) that likely did not fit properly.

At least the effect of too short of a bodysuit can be concealed by a pair of jeans or skirt. You know what I am talking about ladies. πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ 🐫 🦢🏻

All of these bodysuits are available in tall range sizing:

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