Cuckoo for Coco

Caring for the Pamper Pirate, working towards two deadlines for my 9-5, and watching reality television has monopolized my time in Kazakhstan. With local temperatures dipping into negative, I gave myself permission to watch as much reality tv as I want. The pandemic rages on, so I am watching more than I normally would.

One of the series I am working through is seminal classic of the aughts, The Hills. I found myself jealous of nineteen year old series protagonist Lauren Conrad. She received a Chanel bag as a Christmas gift from her now ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler. I am in my mid-thirties and still have not acquired a quilted bag. You know how I feel about fakes, so that just is not an option..

Between revisiting The Hills and unpacking some Chanel makeup from our consumable shipment that I purchased prior to making the leap across the pond and across Europe, I starting looking for a bag in which I might want to invest upon return to the states or perhaps during an upcoming European or Asian vacation should it become safe to travel and should the dollar be strong.

The Classic Chanel bag is a timeless style. I read that the grained calfskin leather is more durable than the lambskin option. That version will likely be the one I eventually purchase. As always, I got comfortable with the price by breaking down my salary to a post-tax hourly wage. From there, I came to an understanding of how many hours it would take to pay for the bag.

Though I found others that are showstoppers, these likely will never find a place in my closet. It is still fun to browser shop.


mini flap


Perhaps makeup is more your speed. There is no shame it that; it is more my speed too! I can speak with utmost confidence in what I purchased prior to our big move and am one hundred percent satisfied with the products.


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