Year of Less (112/365)

It happened. I bought the Chanel Large / Maxi Classic Flap in black caviar leather. It had to happen. The CityCenter Chanel opened relatively recently and the day after we visited, the exact bag I wanted was stocked. Naturally, my sales associate called me to notify its arrival and I immediately jumped in a Lyft to meet the new bag. I worked so hard this past year and the bag serves as a symbol of balancing motherhood and professional success, while living in a strange new country.

I also purchased the Staud Wells Dress in a bright azalea hue from the ShopBop Style Event. I considered purchasing it multiple times last year, but I was unsure of the pastel color selection and whether the fabric would be see-through. I doubt I will have that issue with the vibrant pink shade.

Quite a bit of restraint on my part as last year I made two orders from the Style Event, each of several items.

Of course, we have not been at home nor the embassy. Therefore, we have not been picking up mail. Who knows what has been delivered? I imagine the mailroom getting more and more crowded with our orders, although I will say that we are not expecting much.


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