Year of Less (119/365)

Before any smart aleck points it out, yes I am aware that along the way I miscounted my days in the Year of Less. They should be multiples of seven, as I am addressing my shopping habits on a weekly basis. Of course 118 at 16.86 weeks, is not. I have since corrected my count across all of the blog posts. Glass half full: I am at seventeen weeks of being a more conscientious consumer. Let that be the takeaway.

After being on my radar for a few months, I finally bought a La Vie Style House caftan. The one-size fits all caftan brand hails from Dallas, Texas, where I imagine they are particularly hot weather-appropriate. I wanted to buy multiple caftans but being a one-size brand, I am curious whether it will even fit as I am on the larger end of standard sizes; will report back with a review.

I am still picturing our section of the embassy mailroom. Who knows what we will come back to? However, between this caftan and last week purchase of the Staud Wells Dress I am confident that the clothing purchases will remain minimal.

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