Fit-my e-ring again-ness 14

I ran twice in DC and twice in NC last week. My documentation of time in the District was minimal at the end. You will have to trust me that it happened. It feels great to exhaust the resources, in this case my packed running apparel, and meet the goal I made for myself when I packed my suitcase several weeks ago.

Aside from the clothes that I packed for exercise, every other piece of apparel in my suitcase still fits. It is nice to know that the culinary offerings of DC did not completely throw me off course. Believe me when I tell you that we ate everywhere: Nobu, Martin’s, Cafe Milano, Peacock Cafe, Rasika, Susheria…

While I abandoned the pushup challenge, I consistently logged over ten thousand steps daily. Having spent the majority of my Kazakhstan winter indoors, I took any excuse to use my legs more even if that meant an uphill jog to the only Philz in the District that seemed to be stocked with rose water.

Let’s meet back here next week, same time same place, for a check in?

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