Notes on Roots

Since the beginning of April, the roots of my hair have increasingly ailed me. Though I have ducked into a hair salon exactly twice since COVID-19 reared it’s ugly head, I only did so for a quick trim. Along with COVID-19, post-partum hair loss also took a toll on my mane. I was distressed by how much hair I lost at the top of my temples. It only started growing back this autumn after I started taking Biotin and Women’s Vitamin gummies. The hair returned, albeit especially gray.

Could I have requested my stylist to blend my natural cool brown and gray hair with the bronzey brassy blonde leftover from year’s past? Of course. Is it a necessity? Hell no. Spending time in a salon for hair coloring still seems risky. With an infant at home, it is a risk that I am just not willing to take in the name of vanity.

I purposely included photos in which my roots look especially heinous. If you have a problem with my roots or nasty thoughts about my roots, please fill out a complaint slip and shove it. <3

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