Bagging It I

I finally allowed myself to buy a Louis Vuitton bag in 2020. As someone clocked the brand by way of the Monogram Pochette circa 2001, while I was still in high school mind you, you could say that I held out and played hard to get when it comes to dropping four figures on a handbag.

the bag(s)

I allowed myself to purchase the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoliere 55 in Damier Ebene for my hospital bag when I gave birth to the Pamper Pirate, as a gift to myself. I visited the store to see the weekender bag in person, decided that I did in fact love it, and got comfortable with the price. By that I mean that I did the math on how many work hours that constituted the price of the Keepall.

Not that I should have to explain my purchases and I typically don’t, but this is a point of pride for me. I worked throughout my pregnancy. I fell into working for my old company from my early DC days on a temporary basis of ten weeks as my old department was particularly swamped with work. Ten weeks turned into twenty weeks turned into the Friday before the Sunday night that I went into labor. I was so focused on work, albeit strictly during typical office hours. Particularly after heading up the post-deadline work on a particularly taxing project, the LV Keepall was a nice treat and well earned, if I do say so myself.

Six months and an extension of my contract later, I bought myself the Noe in Damier Azur for my birthday when I noticed that many iconic bags were no longer available. Later in the season I purchased the Alma PM in Damier Ebene. While the full size Noe has room to spare, I wish it was Damier Ebene colorway was available in the larger size Alma, the MM, as it would look more on scale with my height. Do note that the bags appear larger in marketing photos due to being next to smaller, skinnier models.

Note: I linked products via the Louis Vuitton online boutique and via an affiliate network on the secondary market. I prefer to purchase directly from the brand. If you go the secondary route, do your due diligence on the item for authenticity.


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