Louis Vuitton Pegese v. Horizon

I have not been able to travel for fun in the last year and a half. Consequently, I developed a desire to spend the money I would typically spend on travel on designer luggage. I bought a Louis Vuitton Ebene Damier Keepall as a push gift to myself. It was a purchase intended to be my hospital bag for when I gave birth to the Pamper Pirate, also coincidentally eighteen months ago. I visited a store to see the weekender bag in person, decided that I did in fact love it, and got comfortable with the price. By that I mean that I did the math on how many post-tax work hours that constituted the price of theĀ Keepall.

However, toting one of those around Hartsfield-Jackson on one shoulder was a lot. Given I also had a diaper bag and Noe on the other shoulder. The Pamper Pirate riding shotgun in a Baby Bjorn. A roller suitcase could have made the layover rush from terminal D to A easier. Naturally, I want a roller suitcase that matches the Keepall. The largest size that both the Louis Vuitton Horizon and the Louis Vuitton Pegese in the Ebene Damier canvas is available is 55 centimeters. Shall we compare?


Both the Louis Vuitton Horizon 55 suitcase and the Pegese 55 suitcase come in the Ebene Damier canvas, though they are currently unavailable. Both have leather trim. The suitcases differ in that the Horizon has aluminum casing. The aluminum casing actually makes it look more modern but I have read feedback that the metal is prone to denting. With that, the point goes to the Pegese.


I would never check a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage, but the designer has Horizon suitcase owners covered. There is an actual suitcase protection cover on the market that one can purchase for 325 dollars. The Pegese 55 suitcase does not have a corresponding cover bag, but it comes with a dustbag. This is moot point though as I would only bring this as a carry on and at 21.7 by 9.1 inches, it just barely makes the cutoff.


At 3,400 dollars, the Louis Vuitton Horizon 55 suitcase is minimally cheaper than the Pegese 55 suitcase, both in the Ebene Damier canvas finish. (Admittedly, because the Pegese is sold out, I am unable to share the exact price; last I recall, it was around 3,850 dollars.) However, a few hundred dollars in respect of a few thousand dollar purchase, just buy the preferred suitcase and be happy with the purchase.

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