Louis Vuitton Accessory Pochette

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires is the gateway product for the designer brand. As a prime example, I was introduced to it in the stockroom of Banana Republic as the closing crew was waiting to leave circa 2001. One of the twenty-something women who worked there had a Louis Vuttion Pochette Accessoires in Monogram Canvas. Back then, the Accessory Pochette sold for $295, a point of discussion that evening, to which my young brain seemed excessive.

So began my obsession with Louis Vuitton icon styles. (I wrote about it here.) Unfortunately many of these styles have since been discontinued, or out of stock for months at a time, or mysteriously unavailable. In addition to a Keepall and Horizon Suitcase, I was lucky enough to catch the Alma in Damier Ebene canvas, NoƩ in Damier Azul canvas, and the reissue of the Sac Plat in Monogram canvas.

I never did buy the Accessory Pochette. Once I decided that I wanted it, it was not available. I have reservations about purchasing designer off the secondary market; I have heard too many horror stories. (Though I have linked every Accessory Pochette off the secondary market, that I could find.) After stalking a Horizon Suitcase in Damier Ebene canvas into existence, I employed a similar tactic for the gateway product. First, I set a bookmark on my home screen for the Accessory Pochette. Every day, whenever I needed to open the Safari browser on my phone, I opened a tab to check on the item.

My obsession with the Monogram Pochette went as far as considering whether I should purchase the Multi Pochette Accessoires, which is a four piece item consisting of a Pochette Accessoires, a Mini Pochette Accessoires and a Round Coin Purse connected on a jacquard strap. I am so glad I did not indulge, especially at double the price tag.

A few months into this exercise and the Accessory Pochette in Damier Azul canvas became available, albeit briefly. I almost bought it but I knew I would kick myself if the style in the Monogram canvas later became available. Cut to two days later, the Monogram canvas version was available. I suspect that there was only one. I also suspect that someone else had noticed it, stashed it in their cart, and subsequently had second thoughts, because it was unavailable though it was showing as in stock. I checked twenty minutes later and the item was available to put in cart and I actually moved forward with the check out.

Now, if I could only hunt down the Agenda in Damier Ebene canvas.

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