Hobo Lauren Wallet

Hobo International is a brand that needs no introduction. Based out of Annapolis, Maryland (crabcakes and football, anyone?), it embodies everything it means to be an American brand.

I was introduced to the brand during the halcyon days of high end boutiques. Hobo International was carried at Gabrielle’s and The Carriage House, staple shopping on the Mississippi Gulf Coat, during the early aughts. It was at Gabrielle’s that I picked up an acid green quilted oversized baguette-shaped handbag from brand Urban Oxide by Hobo International. Though there is not much information about Urban Oxide on the internet, I distinctly recall the boutique owner explaining that it was a sub-brand of Hobo International. So was my first introduction to the brand. From 2003 until 2012, I carried that bag everywhere. It made several moves with me, from Mississippi to Maryland to DC, until I listed it on eBay and it was snatched up by an eager collector.

My second brush with Hobo International was at The Carriage House (RIP) boutique. A selection of Lauren wallets in candy colors with contrasting linings were displayed on the counter. I immediately texted my then-boyfriend and declared that I wanted the Lauren wallet in red patent leather with black and white gingham lining for Christmas. I replaced it seven years later with a blue signature vintage hide leather version with blue and green floral lining. Eventually, and I cannot remember when, I replaced that one with the metallic crackled leather version with teal grosgrain lining which is what I am still using today.

The draw of the Lauren wallet is that it keeps the carrier organized. I carry identification for both the Pamper Pirate and myself as well as several types of currency. Every ID and every type of money has its place in this wallet. My phone (an iPhone mini) fits too, in the case I want to carry it as a clutch. One of the best features is the magnetic closure. Having to struggle with a snap closure is for the birds.

Below the photos are my favorite Lauren wallet colorways, many of which are marked down.

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