Tall Tuesday: Sweatsuit II

Though I have been able to find tie dyed separates that fit my 6’2″ frame, not being able to find a tall length tie dyed sweatsuit was a source of frustration for me. Cut to me finding a white sweatsuit in a tall range and tie dying my own dang set!

the sweatsuit

The sweatsuit is white, organic cotton, and exclusively available in a tall size range. It is under fifty dollars. The style goes in and out of stock, so bookmark and stalk accordingly. Since seemingly selling out, I have been able to buy another set in my size.

Sizing-wise, I am wearing a US size 12 that has frequently seen the dryer.

tie dye tips

The tie dye process stained the balcony of our DC apartment. Thank goodness I did not attempt to tie dye in our home as this activity is as messy as it is fun. What I learned from my afternoon channeling my inner hippie:

  • Watch the Project Runway season eighteen, episode ten, Live and Let Tie Dye and get inspiration from the designers.
  • Research the different patterns ahead of time and consider the pattern placement. (For example, maybe don’t start a spiral over the crotch area of a dress? Just a thought…) Tulip has a great resource for patterns.
  • To avoid muddy shades, do not place complementary colors next to each other. If you do, allow ample room for the tie dye to bleed.
  • You can use twine, rubber bands, or zip ties to secure the garment. I recommend zip ties and thicker rubber bands for heftier fabrics and twine or thinner rubber bands for more delicate fabrics.
  • This goes without saying, but read the directions to your tie dye kit in their entirety before starting the process. (This is the kit I have and it includes the dye, gloves, plastic sheet, and rubber bands.)
  • Wash and dry all of the garments you want to tie dye prior to tie dying them.
  • Avoid wearing something you love because you will splatter dye all over it.
  • In the case your hands do get stained, do not panic. Simply rub some baking soda and water into your hands and lather into a paste and rinse.
  • A white vinegar wash or using a fixative will keep the colors vivid beyond the many future trips in the wash.
  • Do not attempt to tie dye synthetic fabrics, as they will not hold the dye. The sweatsuit I am wearing is perfect as it is 100 percent cotton.

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